Sunday, November 17, 2019

Parish Pastoral Council


Purpose and Nature

The Parish Pastoral Council’s purpose is to promote active participation and co-responsibility of all the faithful in parish life. It aims at the collaboration of the faithful with the Parish Priest to ponder and investigate pastoral concerns and to formulate practical conclusions concerning them.

The PPC is composed of 3 nominated Councillors and has three office bearers: President, Chairperson and Secretary. The parish priest is the President.

Parish Pastoral Council for 2012/2013

Fr. Michael Dass

Mr. X

Mr. Y

Mdm. A
Mdm. B

They meet once per month under the Chairmanship of Mr. X and examine areas of the parish’s pastoral life in need of fresh initiative and action.

The activities of the following groups come under the purview of PPC:

  • Altar Servers -The community of St. Patrick’s Church has had altar servers since its early days. They assist in the Mass and services. Boys who have received their first communion are encouraged to join the altar servers to serve at mass.
  • Church Wardens – They are responsible for maintaining order and assisting participants in the Mass and doing other services like taking up the collections. All adults are welcome to participate as wardens are needed for all masses and special services.
  • Cantors and Lectors – We welcome those who wish to serve as Cantors, the song leaders at mass, or Lectors, those who read the Word of the Lord at mass. Contact the Parish Office for more information.