Sunday, November 17, 2019

House Blessings


Among the sacramentals, blessings hold a major place. There are blessings for persons, meals, objects, places and special occasions. All blessings praise God for His gifts. Most blessings invoke the Holy Trinity as expressed in the Sign of the Cross – sometimes accompanied by the sprinkling of holy water.

The word Blessing has two distinct and related meanings: it refers to our praise of God and to our requests for His loving care for us (Ps 134; Ps 115). As we praise God over people and things, they are blessed for His service.

The house blessing is not about chasing out evil spirits, but serves as a symbolic gesture of living our faith. In seeking God’s blessing for the house He has provided us, we praise Him for His goodness, and seek His continued loving care for all who share our homes.

“Be our shelter, Lord, when we are at home, our companion when we are away, and our welcome guest when we return, and at last receive us into the dwelling place you have prepared for us in your Father’s house, where you live for ever and ever.”

House blessings can easily be arranged by contacting the Parish Office.