Sunday, November 17, 2019

Past Priests


Over the years our parish has been blessed by the faithful services of the many priests that have celebrated mass and shared our lives. Our history is rich and our priests have helped us to accomplish many things that are not recorded on this table. Nevertheless, using church records and available articles, this table was created to serve as a chronological guide to our church’s history.

Fr. Anthony Pillai
2005 – 2010

Born in Klang, Selangor, he has served as a parish priest in many parishes in the Penang Diocese. His ability to get everyone involved in the work of the church is well known and appreciated. In 2010, he was transferred to Church of the Most Holy Redeemer, Tanjung Malim and Fr. Michael Dass was re-posted to the parish.

Fr. Victor Louis
2004 – 2005

Fr. Victor Louis became the administrator for a few months before Fr. Anthony Pillai assumed his responsibility as administrator in March 2005

Fr. Michael Dass
2003 – 2004

Fr. Michael Dass was posted to the parish when Fr. Lourdes went for a renewal course in 2003. Fr. Michael Dass ministered for about a year and he was later transferred to the Church of Christ the King, Sungai Petani, Kedah.

Fr. David Lourdes
2002 – 2003

To be updated soon.

Fr. Robin Andrews
1996 – 2002

To be updated soon.

Fr. Maurice Surmon
1992 – 1996

Fr. Maurice Surmon succeeded Fr. Sinnappan in 1992 as a parish priest. A multipurpose hall was built by him in 1996.

Fr. Maiccal Sinnappan
1985 – 1992

Fr. Maiccal Sinnappan took over the Parish in 1986. During his time, the Youth Wing was formed and the Church Choir revived. In 1987, he built a grotto for our Lady in the church compound. Various activities including Christmas Party, Youth Seminars, Leadership Courses, Tamil Hymn Competition were organized.

Fr. Thomas Chin
1983 – 1985

For a short period the parish priest from Taiping was appointed ‘the priest in charge’ of Kuala Kangsar.

Fr. Rene Chineau
1970 – 1983

This longest serving priest from France was responsible for the church as we now know it. Fr. Chineau was a great man with electronic gadgets and ensured every task was automated. He had a tape recorder hidden under the alter, which he could switch on and off to get all the hymns for Mass sung at the appropriate times. This encouraged everyone to join in and sing together as a group. Fr. Chineau, in spite of his severe migraine problem, spared not himself to get the parish going. In 1983, he was transferred to the Church of St. Joseph in Batu Gajah.

Fr. John Hiong
1958 – 1970

The mild and gentle ways of this priest from a remote hill station in Yunan, China, was a boon to the small Catholic community of Kuala Kangsar. He also managed to start a kindergarten with the help of Mrs. Francis de Sales. This contributed in no small way to some financial resources for the parish and some meaningful activity in parish life as a whole.