Sunday, November 17, 2019

Saint Wolfgang Chapel, Gerik


Our History

In early 1947 there was no chapel in Gerik and Mass was held once a month in the house of a Chinese parishioner of the place. At the same time Gerik was ‘black area’ where there clashes between soldiers and the communists. The road to Gerik was bad and difficult. The priests who came here to celebrate Mass would inform the community through letters. It was believed that a German assistant manager donated a piece of land to build the Chapel, hence named it after a German Saint St. Wolfgang.

After the church was built around 1950 the parishioners would stay overnight at the chapel, on the eve and when the Mass was over the next day, the priest would drop some of them on his way to Taiping. The language used at Mass was Latin and after sometime Tamil was used. Fr. Gauthier was the first to be here followed by Fr. Victor and Fr. Nieukey. The community was made up of the family members of those working with the JKR, LLN (TNB) and also those with the Japanese company that was building the hydro dam.

In the 80s Fr. Maiccal Sinnappan served here followed by Fr. Surmon, Fr. Robin Andrews, Fr. David Lourdes, Fr. Victor Louis, Fr. Anthony Pillai and now Fr. Michael Dass. There are 26 families with over 80 people, including children and also soldiers. 95% of the community is comprised of members of the armed forces from Sabah and Sarawak. Even though the community has not received any aid, they are able to continue having Masses on the second and fourth Saturday every month and other church related activities.

(Source : Diocese of Penang Golden Jubilee Souvenir Magazine)

Mass Times

2nd Sat : 10.00 am Morning Mass
4th Sat : 10.00 am Morning Mass

Parish Priest


Rev. Michael Dass
Tel (office) : 05-7761654
Tel (mobile) : 012-5713910
email :

Parish Care-Taker

Mr. Y
Tel: 05-7761654
Fax: 05-7773687